The Convention of Grijzestad by Wilhelmus Veldsteen, 1489-93

The Convention of Grijzestad was a meeting of important gentlemen in 1427. They met at Grijzestad from 19 May 19 to 9 June where they declared their independence from Venice. The convention made Marten Sneijder leader of the country, and established the now-defunct Grijzestad Constitution.

Convention membersEdit

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The convention included many prominent bankers, militarymen and politicians. Most of they were Dutch or German, though there were a few Barzuna members.


Dutch Brunanters long wanted their independence and finally the War of Independence broke out following the Massacre of Zatram. The Brunanters used this an excuse for declaring war. Shortly after a few of the Grijzestader founding fathers decided to meet at the Grijzestad Market Hall to lay out plans for the war and their independence. Messengers were sent out to Niesburg, Brunantstad, Donderstad and Sint-Anders to notify the town leaders and prominent men to meet at Grijzestad.

The meetingEdit

Between May 19 and June 9, men came from all over the island to Grijzestad, where the convention was to meet. Mateus Brasefort sent two delegates to speak up for the Barzuna.

Declaring independenceEdit

The convention was unanimous in its call for independence. By the 24th a draft declaration had been approved and was being signed as delegates arrived. Very little was debated on this; the declaration was rather neutrally worded as to not alienate support.


The formation of the government was an issue dividing the convention; most agreed on keeping the convention as a lawmaking body, but they could not agree on what sort of government to have. Some supported having a king and a monarchy, as most European states had. Another group called for a republican government. As it appeared that the republican side would win the vote work began on writing a constitution. Votes were collected over time and on July 7 or 8 the final vote was tallied at 28 in favor of a republic and 11 in favor of a monarchy. The following day, Marten Sneijder was unanimously elected president. A messenger was sent to gather the townspeople and at St. Jan's Place he proclaimed the independence of Brunant.


The declaration of independence had been proclaimed and still the constitution was not in place. The delegates argued over every detail and this slowed the writing process. With the progression of the war many delegates left Grijzestad to the areas in conflict and would not return. Finally an agreable constitution was decided on and signed by the 24 remaining delegates on June 25, 1427.