Constitution Preamble

For the constitution's articles, see Constitution of 1802/Articles.

The Constitution of 1802 is the current constitution and the supreme national law. It was signed into effect by then-president David James Carrington and King Ambroos I. By law, the constitution must be ratified by all congresses upon their election into office.



The signing of the Constitution

Prior to 1802, the country was ruled by an absolute monarch. In 1784, James Carrington became the president, but was basically a dictator. In 1802, his son, David James Carrington became President and signed the constitution into effect, beginning the transition to democracy. The 1802 constitution is split into two documents, the Preamble (signed by the KIng and President) and the Articles. These were signed off by the Parish representatives.

The first major amendment occurred in 1851, where most appointed positions became elected ones.

It is presently located in the Ancient Documents Hall of the State Museum.