The Koningsberg Palace is where the Congress is located.

The Congress is the bicameral legislative body of government of Brunant, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Both chambers meet at the Koningsberg Palace in the capital Koningstad.

The Congress has sat since 1802 as a body with legislative authority, though unelected until 1882. Congress is currently in its 58th session since 1802. Since 1882, the 100 members of the House of Representatives are elected for four years using proportional representation, while the 12 members of the Senate are elected by the governemnts of the twelve parishes. The President of the House leads the meetings in the House, but also acts as president of the Senate when necessary since the Senate does not have a president. The currente president is Silvia Pascini of the Socialist Left Party.

Current congressEdit

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The current congress was elected after the 2017 general election.