The Royal Guard is organized into distinct groups: the Household Guards, the Recon Jaegers, AMTACT, a mechanized warfare/engineering company, and a logistics unit. The National Police is also part of the Royal Guard.

Military UnitsEdit

Household GuardsEdit

9 secret service

Household Guard troopers in Koningstad

The Household Guards are the primary protection and bodyguard unit of the Royal Guard. Their one and only mission is to ensure the safety of all members of the Royal Family. Their training focuses on close combat, short-range accuracy, hostage negotiation, and vehicle operation, mainly in urban settings. Currently, around 80 Guards serve in the unit.

Recon JaegersEdit

062209mc recon 800

Jaegers performing water-based infiltration.

The Royal Reconnaissance Jaeger Battalion is an elite light infantry unit composed of 400 troopers. Their main purpose is to provide low-level, long term resistance against enemy occupations of Brunant. They specialize in long-range marksmanship, survival skills, and endurance. For instance, while the Household Guard may often be found doing situps or sprints during training, Jaegers will typically be doing 100k marches, learning how to fletch arrows, making cordage from plant fibers, and building shelters. Unlike other units of the Guard, nobody applies to be a Jaeger. Jaegers are selected for training by their commanding officers after at least three years of service without incident.

Amphibious Tactical ForcesEdit


AMTACT Special forces

The Amphibious Tactical Forces (AMTACT) are an elite strike force of 100 men who can fight both on land and at sea. Selected from the best Household guard soldiers who have naval training (with the Realmarine or other navies), they go through the same rigorous testing used by the jaegers, plus and equally exhausting training on navy ships and amphibious assaults. These are the most modern and up-to-date troops in Brunant, receiving new weapons on a yearly or occasionally semi-annual basis.

Mechanized Warfare UnitEdit

The Mechanized Warfare Unit it the mobile branch of the Royal Guard. Founded in 1945 in response to the German Invasion and lack of speedy mobilization for the Brunanters, it is a well equipped troop force.

Reserve GuardsEdit

The Reserve Guards form the bulk of Brunant's trained militarymen. They are approximately 2500 soldiers who have done military training with the guard, but are on reserve status. In case of war, they would be called on to serve as infantry and artillery men.

Logistics and SupportEdit

Civil UnitsEdit

National PoliceEdit


Police in Carrington

The National Police is the prime civil unit of the Royal Guard. They are in charge of ensuring the secrity of Brunanters. Police officers go through a tough training to be able to work on the field. Police officers have the capability to (but rarely) work on national security and riot control. THe Policre is national, but has a base in the major cities, not just one head office.

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