Christian Democratic Union
CDU logo
Abbreviation CDU
Chairman Adrian Vandreck
Deputy David Andrade
Founded 1948
Ideology Christian democracy,
Liberal conservatism,
Economic liberalism
Spectrum Centre-right
Brunanter Politics
Predecessor White Party
Close to FLP, CvB
Far from SDP, SLP
European Parliament
1 / 6
16 / 100
3 / 12
67 / 331
Adrian Vandreck, David Andrade,

The Christian Democratic Union (Dutch: Christen-Democratische Unie) is a major conservative political party in Brunant. The party supports christian democracy and liberal conservatism. Currently, the party chairman is Adrian Vandreck, the former minister of the Department of Justice. As of 2017, the CDU is the fourth largest party in the nation, following the Green Party, the Social Democrats, and the Socialist Left Party.


The CDU was founded in 1948, receiving many members from, the White Party. By the 1970s, with the White Party's collapse, considered itself the successor of the former party, and attracted a lot of support. The party has since captured the presidency (twice) and a plurality in the Senate several times. Currently, it is not doing well, and only has two seats in the Senate and sixteen in the House. The Social Democrats, now controlling several powerful government posts, has claimed this is due to a general liberalization of the nation, though CDU members have refuted these claims.


The CDU used a white, red and blue logo with a cross during its early days. Since 1969 the CDU has used a cross-less logo, with a blue and white logo in use since the 1970s.

Notable MembersEdit