Biancator 1720

The Count of Biancator

Philip eckstein

Philip Eckstein

The Chief Minister was a post roughly equivalent to Prime Minister. Karl Van Draak created the post in 1670 and the position was intermittently occupied by several politicians advising the king.

List of Chief MinistersEdit

  1. Antonio van Biancator (1711-1725)
  2. Sebastian Bongard (1725-1739)
  3. Julian Gonia (1739-1744)
  4. Joseph Ritter (1744-1755)
  5. Philip Eckstein (1760-62)
  6. Johannes Veltman (1762-1763)
  7. Philip Eckstein (1764, 1765-66)
  8. Andreas Holt (1766)
  9. Philip Eckstein (1767)
  10. Johannes Veltman (1770-1773)
  11. Pieter van der Ecke (1774)

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