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Chester Football Club or Chester FC is a football club based in Chester which plays in the Second League, following a dismal 2012-13 season where they finished last in the First League. Founded in 1997, it is the second-newest club playing in the Royal Brunanter Football Association. Notable players include John Basinger and Herman Wiesse. They play in the Chesterwegpark.

The owner of the club was Jack Ash, until December 2012. The last head coach and manager was Dirk Schaertsen "The Tank", a former player from 2001-2012, however the job is currently vacant. For the 2015-16 Second League, the club has been doing terribly, with no points in seven matches. The club has appointed former Brunant international Victoria Grant, the first female manager in men's football in Brunant.

The reserve team, Chester Parish FC, is playing in the Hogeberg-Liga Division One.


No. Country Position Player
1 Flag of Brunant GK Yesid Silva
2 Flag of Brunant DF Peter Massey
3 Flag of Austria MF Herman Wiesse
4 Spain flag MF Jose Alonso (on loan from Helmond Real Sport Club)
5 Flag of Brunant FW Dudley Past
6 Flag of Iceland DF Bergur Petursson
7 Flag of Denmark svg FW Johann Hansen
8 Lovia flag MF Richard Burns
11 Lovia flag FW John Basinger
14 Flag of Brunant DF Stefan Gronstötter
16 Flag of Brunant DF Henk Keizer
18 Lovia flag MF George Lewis
19 Flag of Brunant FW Louis Dexter
21 Lovia flag GK Nicholas Armstrong
24 Flag of Brunant DF Jonas Keizer
25 Belgium flag MF Dirk Mertens
27 Spain flag DF Raoul Rodriguez
29 Flag of Brunant FW Ryan Bezzina

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