Charlestown FC
Charlestown FC logo
Full name Charlestown Footballclub
Nicknames The Charlies
The Fightin' Irish
Founded 2008
Stadium Valor Field (capacity: 3,185 (389 seated))
President Flag of Brunant Stone Chandler
Manager Flag of Brunant Manuel Chandler (interim)
Charlestown FC kit home Charlestown FC kit away
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Charlestown FC, nicknamed the Charlies and the Fightin' Irish, is an AFC football club based in Charles Town, Sint-Anders Parish.

Notable players include Hank Harlow, Terry Jamieson and Hamid "Hama" Asma.

The korfball-club Charlestown KC is a part of the club.

History Edit

Charlestown FC was founded in 2008, officially making it the youngest team in the Association of Football Clubs currently playing in the nationwide leagues.

In 2008-09 the club participated in the 2. Liga, came in second and were awarded promotion to the 1st league (Charlestown FC were allowed to start in the Second League because, at the end of the 2007-08 season, Charlestown-based Irish United FC dropped out of the league for financial reasons, with Charlestown FC effectively being the successor club). Libertan midfielder Ron Eikenhardt, whose contract with his home team FC Skeend[1] had come to an end, was added to the Charlestown roster.

In 2012 local players William Boeker, a defender from Sint-Anders, and Grunbecker Gert Van Eisner, 2009 Player of the Year, were traded for two footballers of the Lovian team Oaks of Kinley[2]: defender John O'Brian and forward Keith Otterburn. Also, another player from Libertan club FC Skeend was transferred, namely Hans Oudberghen.

For the 2013-14 First League the club could not avoid Oudberghen leaving the club. He was sold to St. Marks Koningstad for around €9 million plus a solid replacement, the Lovian Daniel Arbena. Wth this influx of funds it is expected the club will exand their stadium to better accomodate fans and viewers.

Formation Edit

Football formation 4 3 3

Charlestown FC uses the common modern 4-3-3 formation, widely regarded as encouraging expansive play, with a defensive midfielder. The three forwards split across the field to spread the attack, while the three midfielders play closely together to protect the defense, and move laterally across the field as a coordinated unit. The staggered 4–3–3 involves a defensive midfielder (numbered four) and two attacking midfielders (numbered eight and ten).

Current squad Edit

No. Nation Position Player
1 Flag of Brunant GK Henry Harlow
2 Flag of Brunant DF Hubert House
3 Lovia flag DF John O'Brian
4 Flag of Brunant MF Terry Jamieson (captain)
5 France DF Jean-Gerard Vénicien
6 Lovia flag DF Daniel Arbena
7 Ireland flag FW Keith Otterburn
8 Libertas flag MF Ron Eikenhardt
9 Flag of Brunant FW Bradley Solomon
10 Ireland flag MF Mitch Nordown
11 Flag of Brunant FW Olivier Kuyt
14 Flag of Germany svg MF Philipp Gand
15 Flag of Brunant GK Andreas Jupps
16 Flag of Brunant MF Harry Nelson

Notable former players Edit

Player of the Year Edit

Hamid Asma

Hamid Asma, 2011 Player of the Year.

Year Winner
2009Flag of Brunant Gert Van Eisner
2010Flag of Brunant Henry Harlow
2011Flag of Brunant Hamid Asma
2012Flag of Brunant Terry Jamieson
2013Libertas flag Hans Oudberghen
2014Flag of Brunant Bradley Solomon

References and notes Edit

2015-16 First League
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