Cassandra Welbeck (4 March 1975 in Chester) is a Brunanter doctor and the deputy Health Minister since 2012. Before that she studied at Royal University of Koningstad and became professor-assistant at medical schools across Europe, including Italy, Spain and Germany.

Biography Edit

Welbeck was born into a family of seven children. Her father was Mike Welbeck who had the American citizenship too. He was doctor in Chester, in Chester Parish but the Welbeck family lived in Grijzestad. Cassandra went to the Royal University of Koningstad and graduated from the King Adrian Medical School in Koningstad in 1997. She joined the Department of Health and worker her way up. She was head of child development and specialised in cognitive psychology due study in neuroscience. She became more and more interested in the struction of the human body and joined the University of Freiburg Faculty of Medicine. Welbeck married Italian actor Francesco d'Orte in 2005 and moved to Sicily. At the Universities and Research, Ministry of Education she worked with childs at autonomous centres, supporting child development. Her psychology studies helped her with the work on social-emotional problems with childs. Her famous study about seperation anxiety disorder was discribed in some Department of Health documents but in 2010 she published her eight book about her own studies, called School Functioning in Youth with and without Anxiety Disorders: Comparisons by Diagnosis and Comorbidity with other European doctors-writers. Her marriage with Italian d'Orte was not a succes and she remarried with William Reiber in 2012. Therefore, in 2012, she was appointed to her current post but her main studies about neurological causes, cognitive psychology, development stages and autism are still Brunanter pieces of world-class.

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