Caroman museum

The Caroman Museum is a museum in Cape Cross dedicated to the life and works of painter Caroman. The house is the last place where Caroman lived.

History of 4 Hunt StreetEdit

The Black Widow

The Black Widow, 1935

The fish caroman

Eu pesse (1932)

The House was built around 1775-80 in central Cape Cross, with the rear facing Hargreaves Place. There is little on the history prior to the 20th century, except that it was a very luxurious rowhouse. In 1918, it was bought by Mr. and Mrs. van Gallen, and with the husband's death it passed onto his wife Lucretia. During the German Invasion of Brunant, Caroman went into hiding, staying at this house. Here he began to do paintings with hidden messages aimed at assisting the Underground Revolution. On several occasions the Nazis searched the house but could not find anyone. In 1944, the Nazis got ahold of one of his paintings and were looking out for him. On July 28, 1944 the SS stormed the house and killed all the occupants, including Caroman. In 1971, Lucretia's son (Joseph) donated the house to the city upon her death, who turned it into a museum.


Joseph van Gallen, along with donating the house, gave several paintings, sketches and artifacts belonging to Caroman. Among the works included was The Black Widow, a painting of his mother valued at 850,000 €. In total, there are 19 Paintings, 32 sketches and countless other objects, including a rare taxidermied and painted cat. Throughout the year, special exhibitions on Caroman and other artists are put on display. The National Museum of Art often loans out its works to the museum and likewise the museum loans the NMA, most famously the Black Widow in 1998 and 2010.

Visiting the museumEdit

The museum is open Monday to Saturday, from 10:00-18:00. The admission is €7 for children and €12 for adults. A yearly membership will cost €50 and a family one €170.

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