Brunants Markthall.

Throughout its history, Brunant has had many capitals.

Early capitalsEdit

Under the Venetians, the capital (and only settlement) was located near modern-day Donderstad.


In 1427, the Convention of Grijzestad met in Grijzestad and signed the Declaration of Independence from Venice there. The congress decided on Grijzestad becoming the capital. But, due to President Marten Snejder not living there it was decided to move the capital.

Grijzestad became the capital once again in 1451, but remained so until its destruction in 1784 by James Carrington.


Marten Sneijder lived in the small town of Brunant, so the capital was moved there to facilitate things. The new country adopted its name after this capital. The Congress met at the newly built Brunants Markthall. When Snejder died in 1451, the capital was returned to Grijzestad.


Carrington made Koningstad the capital in 1785, and since then has remained the capital.