Cape Cross Parish
Cape cross parish coa
Capital Cape Cross
Largest City Koningstad
Founded 12 October 1787
Representative Gert Henneman
Population 312,370 (2016)
GDP € 41,300 (per capita)
Main Religion Christianity
Languages Dutch, English

Cape Cross Parish is a parish located in North-west Central Island. The Capital is Cape Cross. The majority of the parish lies on Cape Cross, hence the name. Cape Cross is the most populous parish in the country with over 312,000 inhabitants, making around one-quarter of the nation's population.


Cape Cross' name comes from the fact that it was a cape, and that at


Brez. castle

Brezonde Castle

The cape is assumed to have been discovered by Byzantine settlers/explorers in the late 6th or early 7th century. They laid the foundations of Brezonde, which was made into a town by the Arabs by 830. The Arabs and subsequently the Aragonese founded other settlements like Zatram, but many were burnt down or destroyed over time. Venetian or Genoese merchants landed here some time in the early 15th century. A cross erected near the tip of the cape attests to this. The settlement at Cape Cross was very small and it was only until the 18th century where it would grow. James Carrington sent Captain William Hargreaves to look for a site to build a new fort. He arrived at the village and saw it was a very strategic place. Work began on a fort, Cross Castle and soon enough there was also a well-developed town. During the German Invasion in 1941, the fort was used as a base by the paratroopers; Cape Cross had been the first area to come under German control. In 1945, U.S. Marines liberated Cape Cross, the last German-held town in Brunant.


See also: Geography of Cape Cross Parish


The headland of Cape cross is one of the major geographic regions of Brunant. It is a very high terrain, and near the coast are high cliffs. This area is considered by many to be the most beautiful region in the country.Mount Hargreaves, the parish's tallest mountain, (at 1,285 meters) is located here as well. In 1921, Cape Cross National Park was established and in it is located Mount Hargreaves and the Coastal cliffs.


Crabs bay


A large portion of the Parishes' economy is based on tourism. Yearly, close to 120,000 Europeans come to vacation in the parish. North Americans are known to be the largest group to visit the region. Most tourists come to visit Cape Cross National Park and climb the mountains, or to go to the beaches on the southwest coast, such as Crabs Bay. Koningstad and Brezonde are also frequently visited.


Cape Cross is also the military and political center of the country. The city of Cape Cross is where much of the military is headquartered, and outside of Cape Cross one will find the Cape Cross Military Institute.


In Cape Cross Parish, only 72% of the population is Brunanter. 19% is made up of residents, and 9% is foreign nationals and dignitaries, usually living in the capital. The total parish population is around 241,000, 90% of which live in built-up areas. Cape Cross Parish has few Cities and Towns, though they are some of the country's largest. The nation's capital, Koningstad, is located here. It is the largest city in Brunant, with about 16,200 inhabitants. Cape Cross is the Parish's second largest, with 6300 people.


Cape Cross is mostly made up of Dutch and English-speaking people. According to the 2006 General Census, 44% speak Dutch, as their maternal language 38% speak English as their maternal language. 12 percent speak the Barzuna (language) at home and 4 per cent cite Arabic as their maternal tongue, which is the third most spoken language in the country. The remaining 2% is composed of various European languages.


Cape Cross is one of the least religious Parishes in the country. Only about 83% of the people here "follow a religion of some kind". The other 17% are agnostics, atheists, or have no beliefs. The largest religion is Roman Catholicism (at 56%), followed by Lutheranism (at 16%). 6% of people follow another form of Christianity, and the remaining 5% follow other religions, usually Islam.

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