Bus 99
Bus 99 poster



Directed by

Herbert S. Hosen

Produced by

Herbert S. Hosen

Written by

Herbert S. Hosen


Henry Zielinski, Annette Howards, Paul Perkins, Russell Burns

Music by

Martin Carlotti


Liberal Arts logo

Release date(s)


Running time

97 min.

Country, language


Bus 99 (aka Killer Bus; Dutch: Bezeten bus) is a Brunanter horror film about a possessed bus, written, produced and directed by Herbert S. Hosen in 1966, and released by Liberal Arts in 1967. It stars Henry Zielinski as a demonic, murdering bus driver and Annette Howards as the police woman trying to stop him.

Background Edit

Bus 99 takes place in Koningstad and the character of the demonic driver works for KS Transport, even though the numbers of their buses only go up to 12. In the movie it is revealed that the 99 was in fact not a mistake but linked to the symbolic number 666, associated with the Devil.

This movie marked the third and final collaboration between Hosen and Howards, following Adenis and Virsise (1961) and Monster Hospital (1963).

It was never released on home video until November 9, 2008, when Parker Home Video, a subsidiary of Liberal Arts, released it in its new series of Horror Double Features DVDs with The Icy Living Dead (aka Frozen Alive!), shot back to back with Bus 99 by Hosen.

Synopsis Edit

Arthur McDowall (Henry Zielinski) is a kind but lonely, low-profile bus driver who's been driving almost all his life and is close to retiring. Unfortunately, one day, late at night, he is attacked and murdered by a gang of ruthless thugs. However, McDowall returns from the dead and his wandering soul takes possession of his old beloved bus, number 99. The demonic chauffeur swears vengeance on his killers, goes after each one of them at a time and takes out anyone who tries to stop him. The only one who seems to stand a chance against him is the tough police detective Jill Grove (Annette Howards), who's constantly trying to prove herself in a male-centered world.

Cast Edit

Reception Edit

Bus 99 was one of Hosen's most expensive productions, but a commercial and critical failure. After the disastrous The Last Temptress (1970) as well, he would swear to produce only low budgeted work anymore.

Sequels Edit

Despite failing commercially and critically, Bus 99 was followed by two sequels.

A first sequel, Killer Bus II: The Reckless Return, was released in 1975. Howards reprised her rol as the main person trying to stop the possessed bus, though the producers had to use archive footage of Zielinski, as the actor had passed away two years before.

A second sequel, Killer Bus III: Last Stop (aka Maniac Demon Driver), was released in 1984, but featured none of the original cast and crew, and shared no connections to any of the first two films, apart from the concept of the demonic bus.

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