National Monuments Trust This is a National Monument of Brunant and as such may not be modified or dismantled. National Monuments Trust
Burzand Mosque
Mosque brezonde
Location Brezonde, Cape Cross Parish
Type Mixed (2)
Selected 1923

The Burzand Mosque is the oldest mosque in Brunant and one of the oldest buildings in Brezonde. Since 1923, it is one of Brunant's National Monuments.


It was built and expanded in several stages, from ca. 870 to 1110, in Brezonde. The mosque fell out of use in the late 13th century, but it was under 14th century Venetian rule that it was shut down. The mosque was miraculously saved and was used as an administrative building until the 1700s, when it was briefly converted to being a church. In the 1800s, it was shut down again and since 1966, it has served as a museum of Brunant's Arab history and culture. This mosque, along with Grijzestad Cathedral, was considered the most beautiful building in Brunant according to a major poll conducted by the National Monuments Trust.

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