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Brunanter Railways, officially the National Railway Company of Brunant (NRCB) or Nationale Spoorwegenmaatschappij van Brunant (NSMB), is the only railway company in Brunant. It is fully owned by the government and operates all railway activity in Brunant.


NRCB was founded in 1962, when the Atlantic and Mediterranean Company and Royal Brunanter Railways folded and were purchased by the government.


There are three railways in Brunant.


S train logo

S-train sign

See also: Koningstad S-train, Chester Crosslink, Carrington S-train

The S-train (from the Dutch "Stadtrein" or city train) is a commuter rail service, which serves major urban region and the surrounding areas. S-trains are found in Koningstad, Carrington and Grijzestad. S-trains are a combination of underground and aboveground rail.

These trains form part of the Brunanter railways system, but are operated by different cities.

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