Brunant Parish
Capital Brunantstad
Founded 13 September 1397
Representative Peter Wostor (GP)
Population 79,984
GDP €37,900 (per capita)
Main Religion Christianity
Language Dutch

Brunant Parish is a parish of Brunant located on Brunant Island. Its largest city and capital is Brunantstad. It is represented in the Senate by Prime Minister Peter Wostor of the Green Party. Dutch and English are the official languages. With a population of 80,000, it is one of the largest parishes by population.

The economy is based on fishing and agriculture. Many fisheries can be found in the parish. It also has the Island National Park protecting areas of the parish. The parish does not currently have a Designation of Origin, however is notable for its production of cheese.




The Senator of Brunant Parish is Prime Minister Peter Wostor of the Green Party.




Brunant Leuwens transparent logo

The Brunant Leuwens is the most successful football team in Brunant Parish.

One of the most successful Brunanter football clubs, the Brunant Leuwens are based in Brunantstad. They have won the First League twice and the Johan II Cup three times. In recent years, the club was relegated into the Second League. Three other clubs from Brunantstad play in the Parish League System. These are Royal Brunant F.C., Brunant Wolves and Hillside United. There are two other football clubs in the Parish League System. Swantown FC is from Swantown and St. Martin FC is from Martensdorp.

Basketball club Brunantstad Eagles are based in Brunantstad. They have won the Brunanter Championship once, the league six times and the King's Cup once.

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