Battle of philips farm

Battle of Philips' Farm

The Borderers Revolt was an armed uprising carried out by Borderers against Brunant's armed forces.


Borderers were people of Scottish and English origin who came to Brunant and settled in the Carrington Parish area. Increasing Dutch immigration and population movements forced most of these people inland to Central Parish. Soon, these people were angry at the nation's leaders for wanting to remove their lands and assimilate them. In 1778, increasing disillusionment led to many taking up arms.

The revoltEdit

On 19 December 1778, three Brunanter soldiers shot and killed two pigs belonging to Mr. Philips, a somewhat rich farmer. Soon, his neighbours took up arms against the soldiers, who were killed. This led to hundreds more Borderers joining the revolt and soldiers prepared for war.

There would be two organized, European-style battles; the Battle of Lincoln Field (January 1779) and the Battle of Boguestown (March 1779). At Lincoln Field, 300 Borderers were killed or arrested and the revolt was on the brink of defeat, but two months later at Boguestown, 450 Borderers defeated a contingent of 200 Royalist troops and took over the town.

A lull in action led to the biggest battle of the revolt, the Second Battle of Boguestown (July 1779). Here, 200 professional soldiers with the Borderers as well, as 900 volunteers faced 800 royalist troops. After three hours, the Borderers were in full retreat and after this, they engaged in guerilla tactics, ambushing troops and attacking towns. Forced conscription in the Royal Guard led to a large increase of royalist troops and patrols and in early 1781, the Borderers were defeated and Pieter I's troops overcame.


Many Borderers moved further inland following their revolt's defeat and a small group moved north to found Charles Town. In 1784James Carrington invaded Brunant in order to "liberate his blood comrades" from oppression.

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