Country of Origin

Scotland and England


45,000 of majority Borderer descent, estimated to be 150,000 with Borderer blood


English, Dutch, Scots (historical)


Presbyterianism, Catholicism, Freemasonry

Primary Parish of residence

Central Parish

Other areas of residence

Carrington Parish, Drenthe Parish

The Borderers are descendents of Scotsmen and Englishmen from the Border regions of Britain who migrated to Brunant in the late 17th and 18th century.


The Borderers were people who originally lived along the Anglo-Scottish border. Many of them were Reivers. Some of these men served with the English army in the Low Countries. Many of these men would later come to Brunant aboard Dutch and Spanish ships and settled in the Carrington Parish area. After the union between Scotland and England in 1707, many more Borderers (mainly Presbyterians, Catholics and Puritans) came to Brunant around this time. However, increasing Dutch (and Spanish) immigration and population movements forced most of these people inland to Central Parish. Soon these people were angry at the nation's leaders for wanting to remove their lands and assimilate them. In 1778, increasing disillusionment led to a large-scale revolt to achieve independence, or at least autonomy. By 1781 this revolt had largely failed, and it was this that prompted Carrington to invade; he felt his "blood comrades" had to be helped out. Borderers later largely assimilated into the English-speaking society.


The Borderers had a unique cultural identity, separate from other British. Over time, they have assimilated in to Brunanter cuture, mostly within the English-speaking community but also within the Dutch one as well. Their primary contributions to Brunanter society include the concept of the yeoman farmer (central to the ideology of the Liberal Party and the later CD), the first Masonic Lodge in Brunant, and their strong family ties which are present amongst most Brunanters today.

Notable people of Borderer originsEdit

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