National Monuments Trust This is a National Monument of Brunant and as such may not be modified or dismantled. National Monuments Trust
Bitburg Castle
Location Swantown, Brunant Parish
Type Mixed (2)
Selected 1953

Bitburg Castle is an old medieval castle near Swantown in Brunant. It was built in 1429-1443. Master builder Maximilian Sechter was in charge of its design and construction. It was taken up as a summer residence in 1516 by the Royal Family. During the Brunanter Civil War, it was actively used by the military and was key during the Battle of Brunant in 1663. After the war the castle was repaired but since then the Royal Family stopped using it as a residence, being "too antiquated" for comfortable use.

The castle came into use again during the Seven Years' War and was site of the first battle of the Franco-Brunanter War. In 1756, Brunantstad (and Bitburg Castle) became the first Brunanter territories to come under French control, only being liberated in 1758 by Hessian troops.

The castle remained disused until being refurbished in 1788 by James Carrington. This has been a museum since 1955 and it is a National Monument. Entry to the castle is 4€/person and ExploreBT cardholders can enter for half price.

The second IWO summit was held here in August 2014.

Royal residences
Current: RealpaleisGrijzestad PalaceHuis ten Bergen
Former and unused: Bitburg CastleKoningsberg PalaceLeuvisberg CastleSteenhuis Manor

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