BRU-KON (Pronounced as "BROO-kun") (branded as BBN Koningstad) is the local BBN affilate for Koningstad. It is one of two affiliates owned by the network themselves, the other is BRU-GRJ, of Grijzestad.


BRU-KON was founded by Rene Anderson in 1976 with the call sign of BRU-1X45. It mostly aired home video's made by Anderson himself. In 1978 Anderson decided to expand the programming range and decided to make a network out of the station. On m May 5, 1978 application for bigger tranmission was requested.

4 months later, the BR&T heard about this, and asked to the Secretary of Economical Affairs to block the new network and station. It was eventually blocked, but, it turned out that the BR&T had bribed the Secretary of Economical Affairs. The BR&T officials were fired, and the Secretary of Economical Affairs resigned. The new secretary decided to accept BBN.

On December 1, 1978, BRU-KON made it first broadcast under the BBN flag. The first night was viewed by around 250 people. One of the guests on the first broadcast was later president Gert Henneman. Other programs on the first night included the first broadcast of BBN Koningstad News. The new station was liked by many prominent Koningstadians. BBN Koningstad had quickly more viewers than the local affilate of BR&T, According to many viewers at the time, there was finally a television station that put local topics on a high spot.

On December 5 BBN Koningstad unveiled it's regular schedule, mainly consisting of local news and talk shows about local issues, and the later popular sitcom Pretty Limited. The first regular tv schedule turned out to be a success. Especially Koningstad Talk with John Miller turned out to be a success. The short but analyzing manner the talk show handled it's topics was very succesful. John Miller was praised for his flamboyant and news-heavy style. He usually was very happy in the studio. Other programs included Thursday Review with Jim Carlson and Human Hope with George Rayne.

At the beginning on 1979 BRU-KON attracted 1,785 viewers. The new year was welcomed with a special hosted by Jim Carlson, John Miller and Koningstad news host Brian B. Gavin. Many quizzes and plays were performed at the special. No incidents happened. The night ended with a sketch show made by the Pretty Limited team. In the new year many new programs debuted, like Why Would We? with Tom Bergerac. Also Community televisin was added during the afternoon.

In February John Miller's brother Robert Miller came at the station, to present his music show

Televison stations in Koningstad
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