Brunanter Radio & Television, commonly referred to as BR&T was a state-owned media outlet in Brunant founded in 1937. Since the 1970s it had lost much of it market share to the then newly-found BBN. BR&T was eventually shut down and merged into BBN.

BR&T was sometimes mockingly referred to as "BRAT" because of its reputation to bribe officials. It has been criticized for the lack of content in television shows, low quality and slow-paced drama series, frequent interruptions for biased, politically loaded speeches and news programs containing unimportant, boring events instead of major events.

History Edit

BR&T was founded in 1937 as Brunanter Radio Foundation (BRF), initially limited to radio services from Koningstad. When the Nazis took over Brunant, broadcasting stopped. After the war, the government regained control and effectively began television broadcasts; consequently re-branding Brunanter Radio Foundation into Brunanter Radio & Television. During the 1960's and 1970's, many shows were deemed "pathetic" by the general public.

Corruption and scandal Edit

James Dorothy, the BR&T president squandered much public funds and was later sentenced and BR&T was effectively wiped clean.

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