A.v. herrenhausen
Philipp Anthony von Herrenhausen (1438-1504) was a German-Brunanter politician and the first Count of Drenthe.


Von Herrenhausen was born in central Germany to a rich and noble family. He came to Brunant in 1465 and quickly engaged in politics. He was elected to the congress in 1470. In 1471 he helped vote in Leuvis Van Damme as president. He was instrumental in Caroline Koch to place her husband, Van Damme as king, and helped in the downfall of the Brunanter Republic. For his loyal services, he was made Count of Drenthe in 1476, a position his family held until 1964.

Von Herrenhausen was believed to be a secret lover of the Queen, though Van Damme never appears to have found out.

Personal lifeEdit

He was married to Genoese Ludivina Pescetti, from a family of bankers. They had six children, their oldest being Philippus (1466-1523).

He is a prominent character on the television series Caroline.

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