Anneliese Martins (14 April 1962) is a Brunanter scholar, professor, author and noted military historian. She is a recipient of the Medal for Arts and Letters, as well as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Brunant.


Martins was born in Grijzestad to a family of Spanish and Dutch ancestry. Her family moved around often and she lived in Koningstad, Pisa, Munich and Leeuwarden, Netherlands. In 1981 she entered Ghent University to study history and she later did her specializations and doctorate at Grijzestad University. In 1992 she began working for the university as a history assistant professor and became full professor in 2007, after Eugene Padric's retirement. Martins began writing books on the World War I period in 1998, as it is rather unknown to the public.

Published worksEdit

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