Anne McCann

Anne McCann

Anne McCann (born July 21, 1971) is a politician that was chairman of the Free Liberal Party up until its merger with the Front For Freedom in 2011, when she became deputy leader alongside Senator Eric Peitersson.


She was born to the actor Oliver Hewton and Carol Dougherty, a hotel restaurant waitress in Koningstad. She did not grow up with her father, only with her mother. Dougherty was active in the SDP and later the Liberal Party, heavily influencing her daughter's politics. McCann graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Masters in Macroeconomics from Grijzestad University in 1995. She married American-Brunanter Alan McCann in 1997, when they met while volunteering for the FLP during the election.

Political InvolvementEdit

McCann joined the FLP in 1995 and in 2007 she was chosen the party leader. She was the Health and Welfare minister in the Darnley Government from 2005 to 2009. She participated in the 2008 Presidential Elections, where she gained 5.4% and came fourth from last. After the elections and merging with the FFF, she became the deputy leader, alongside former FFF leader Eric Peitersson. Presently McCann tends to advocate for the center-leftists in the party, and leads the minority pro-abortion faction within the FLP.

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