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Angora is a department store chain in Brunant. It was founded in 1890 by William Angour as a small store selling all types of wares. Angora grew over the years and after being taken over by Maxi Group in 1963 extended its operations across all of Brunant. Angora's main competitor is Veloz Megastores.


Angora was founded in 1890 as the first modern department store in the country. From 1890 to 1960 Angore only operated in north Brunant, primarily in Cape Cross, Carrington and Helmond Parishes. Angora only expanded across Brunant after being taken over by Maxi Group in 1963.

Angroa has used various well-known designers to design clothing or housegoods for them, including Simon Etse and Alessandra Artigas-Villanova.

Angora BrandsEdit

  • Fashion & Co.: Stylish women and childrens wear.
  • Monaco :Upscale womens fashions
  • Black Tie: Modern menswear


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