Andrew Kirkley
19th President of Brunant
In office


Preceded by Leuvis Van Eyck
Succeded by Steven A. Dort

Andrew Allan Kirkley (1918-1977) was a former President of Brunant and President of the Supreme Court.


Early lifeEdit

Kirkley was born into a family of Scottish borderer descent. He was born into a family of lawyers, the family law office A. Kirkley and Sons (founded by his great great-grandfather Andrew) being in practice since 1799. He was an excellent student who graduated magna cum laude from the Royal University of Koningstad in political science, 1940. During the war he left for Egypt and briefly practiced law there before returning to Brunant in 1945. An adventurer, he joined the British Army and served as a scout and later a soldier, seeing action at El Alamein. He would later study law at Stanford from 1945-50.

Legal careerEdit

After a successful law career, he became a Supreme court assistant judge in 1955. In 1958 he was appointed President of the Supreme Court by President Leuvis Van Eyck. Kirkley did not preside over many cases in his time as Chief Justice. He served in that function until he retired in 1961 to enter a career in politics.

Political careerEdit

Rep. Kirkley

Kirkley in 1976

Kirkley joined the conservative CDU, though he was one of the more moderates and reformists within the party. Elected leader in 1962 instead of radical rightist Bert Nesmayer, he was able to appeal to a broader group of supporters. He ran in the 1963 Presidential Elections, defeating Liberal Party rival Johan Anderson by an 11% margin. He was elected into office, serving for one term. During his period in office, he introduced a more comprehensive welfare system and spearheaded a plan to greatly demilitarize the nation, something his predecessors were unwilling to do so, especially after the German Invasion in 1941 and the onset of the cold war. In 1969 he declined to seek re-election, instead paving the way for his External affairs secretary, Steven Dort (another CDU moderate) to be elected as president in 1969. Under Dort, Kirkley was appointed Defense secretary. He greatly reduced the size of the Royal Guard, while at the same time modernizing it, keeping it more economical and more efficient. While the far right ridiculed him for "falling for leftist hippie ideals of love" (Senator August Salter, June 1971), he gained increased popularity from even the left. In 1975 he was elected as a representative to Congress, but the election of far-rightist Eugen Sherman as president ensured he did not get any other posts in government.

Personal lifeEdit

Kirkley married Isabel Handsome in 1946 in the United States. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1948 and returned to Brunant in 1950. The couple had two sons shortly after: Peter, in 1951 and Andrew Jr., in 1955. In 1962 the pair had another daughter, Isabel. Isabel Handsome died in 1997.

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