Anders I
King of Brunant
Reign 11 October 1533 - 5 March 1578
Predecessor Leuvis II
Successor Willem I
Personal information
Born 10 January 1502, Grijzestad
Died 5 March 1578, Grijzestad
Burial Grijzestad Cathedral
Consort Clarissa d'Aragona (1523-1567)
Anders I signature

Anders I, born Matthias Anders Van Damme (10 January 1502 - 5 March 1578) was the third King of Brunant from 1533-1578. He was born to Leuvis II and Amalia of Viseu. He became king when his father died in 1533 after the unsuccessful Invasion of Rose Island. After that, he formed a long-lasting economic alliance with Spain, which would see the rise of Brunanter banks and even the arrival of a few Brunanters to New Spain. He ruled until his death of old age in 1578. He was succeeded by his only son, Willem I.


Anders married Clarissa d'Aragona in 1523. Her father was Frederick IV, King of Naples. The couple would have four children:

  • Princess Clarissa (1524-1603)
  • Princess Carlotta (1525-1530)
  • Princess Isabella (1529-1608)
  • Prince Willem (1532-1611)

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