Ambroos Station
Ambroos station sign

Ambroos train station
Railway lines
Cape Cross Railway
Wiets Station Koningstad IRS
Central Line
Cape Cross Koningstad IRS
S-1 sign
Victor Janowicz Station Terminal
S-3 sign
Realpaleis Station Terminal
S-4 sign
Realpaleis Station Terminal

Ambroos Station is a train station in the Arabian Quarter of Koningstad. This is the central station in Koningstad and trains from here go south to Carrington and north to Cape Cross. Railways are operated by Brunanter Railways.

Ambroos Station is used by trains to go all over Brunant, as well as by the S-train for local commuter trips.

History Edit

The station was built from 1871-1878. The groundbreaking was attended by various important people of that age, and both King Johan I and President Filip Van Buskirk jointly laid the first stone. Several delays led to it only being completed in 1878 and it was soon ready for train service (the first rail line was laid from Koningstad to Carrington in 1869 to 1873, and the train operated to the site of the station since before completion. The station was renovated in 1908 and expanded in 1930 (when the glass dome was added), making it the largest station in Brunant.

Ambroos Station became known for a Barzona Libre bomb attack on the station in 1977, injuring 15 and later killing one.

Train schedules Edit

See: Ambroos Station information booth

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