Alexander von Krupski
Von Krupski
5th President of Brunant
Term 1841-1852
Predecessor Hendrik Neyt
Successor Jan Van Draak

Alexander von Krupski (1795-1868) was a German-Brunanter nobleman, militaryman, statesman and President.


Alexander was born in Hesse-Kassel to Herr von Krupski and his wife, Beata. The Krupski's originated from Krupe (in Poland), hence the name. One of Alexander's ancestors, Johannes de Crupe was an important politician during Brunant's independence.

In Hesse-Kassel Alexander joined the military and became a captain. Shortly after he resigned his post to serve as a diplomatic minister. In 1822 he was sent as an attache to Prussia and in 1827 to Brunant. Soon though, he quit his post and became a commander in Brunant's Royal Guard due to his military expertise. He was able to get the confidence of the king, Cristian I, and when Hendrik Neyt resigned as President in 1841, von Krupski got the job. In 1852, he resigned as president. He would rejoin the military and served as commander until 1861.

After retiring from the military, he would serve as the first president of the Central Bank of Brunant, from 1862 to 1865.

Personal lifeEdit

Von Krupski married, on July 22 1828, Princess Juliana of Brunant (the daughter of King Ambroos I). They led a happy marriage though Juliana did not enjoy all the fame (of being a Royal and first lady), and the public scrutiny. During his presidency she largely resided in a country estate south of Dortmund, away from the political action. The couple had three children: Johannes (1829), Gisela (1830) and Maria (1832). He died in 1868, outlived by his wife by two years.