Alexander Bouras (1907-2011) was a Brunanter politician and former Prime Minister.


Bouras was born in a farm in Cape Cross to a family of Barzuna origin. He was of mixed Catalan-Arab descent and his ancestors had arrived in the 16th century from Spain. He worked for most of his life as a police officer in Cape Crossand was respected by the community.

In 1949 he was successfully elected as Prime Minister with the Liberal Party, forced into the first coalition government ever with the Social Democratic Party. In his first term, he worked closely with the government at rebuilding Brunant following the destruction left from the War. During his second term (1953-1957) he was involved in a massive corruption case (some conservatives claimed he had funneled over Th. 250,000 from the treasury to benefit him and his family. In the end it was found that he had indeed stolen money, but only Th. 10,000.

Bouras returned all the money to the state and in a rare move he was not removed from office. In 1957 the Liberals

Bouras died in 2011, from natural causes.

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