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Adriana Maria Emilia Funk (7 November 1891-18 June 2006) was the oldest living Brunanter, living to be 114 years and 9 months old. She was born in Donderstad on November 7, 1891. She married Philip van Donck in 1913 and were together until his death in 1964. Funk worked as a newspaper writer. She lived in the The Port of Koningstad with her granddaughter until her death on June 18, 2006.


Adriana Funk was born in Grijzestad. Her father Johan(n) was originally from Salzburg, Austria, and her mother was a Grijzestad native.

Funk married physician Philip van Donck (1886-1964) in March 1913 after several months of courtship. The pair would have three sons, Adrian (1914), Nicolas (1918) and Jan (1920). Philip avoided war service during the Great War, but he was made to work at an army hospital in Cape Cross until 1917. Adriana learned to type during those years, becoming a secretary at the offices of De Waarheid newspaper, though left to raise her children once her husband returned. She studied journalism part-time at Grijzestad University between 1927 and 1932 and returned to De Waarheid to work as a secretary and occasional writer.

With the war in Europe breaking out, both Nicolas and Jan were conscripted into the Royal Guard, Jan being placed in a reserve until in Cape Cross and Nicolas sent to Roodstad. Upon outbreak of the German invasion in May 1941, Jan was taken prisoner (held until liberation in 1944) and 5 days later Nicolas died in the Battle of Roodstad.

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