Adrian II
Vital statistics
Name Adrian Alexander van Draak
Birth/Death Nov. 18, 1733- June 14, 1807
Reign 1784-1800
Consort Queen Henrietta Marie
Predecessor Pieter I
Successor Ambroos I
Adrian II signature

Adrian II (1733-1807) was the tenth King of Brunant from 1784-1800.


Prince Adrian was born Adrian Alexander Jan Fernand van Draak in Grijzestad Palace, Grijzestad to Prince Maximilian Jan Sobieski and Princess Catherine (King Pieter I's only sister). In 1784, James Carrington invaded Brunant, deposed his uncle Pieter and put him on the throne. He ruled until 1800, when he was deposed by Carrington in favor of his son, Ambroos I.

Adrian II is best remembered for his grandiose behavior, as well as establishing two prestigious awards, the War Cross and the Order of St. Andrew, both in 1790.

Adrian is also remembered for being the father of two kings. His eldest son, Ambroos, became King of Brunant in 1800, and his youngest son, Martin was named King of Libertas in 1799, due to the Alexandrine murders which Adrian II ordered together with Alexander III of Libertas.

Personal lifeEdit

Adrian married Henrietta Marie (1736-1767) in 1757 and had four children with her:

  • Ambroos (1762-1823)
  • Silvia (1764-1826)
  • Cornelia (1765-1830)
  • Elisabeth (1767-1825)

The couple were very happy and it seemed like there was genuine affection between the two. At the age of 41 Henrietta got sick during her fourth pregnancy and while the child survived she died of complications later.

Then in 1771 he married Anna Lievertas (1751-1795), the daughter of King Rob Lievertas IV . Though a political marriage, the two lived well together. In 1772 the Queen gave birth to a son, Martin (1772-1821), a future king of Libertas. She was pregnant again in 1774, but problems arose and she gave birth to a stillborn girl. Anna died in 1795.

King Adrian is a direct ancestor of Brunanter Queen Helene, King Sebastian of Lovia, King Oscar III of Strasland and King Hendrik of Libertas.

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