Abe Costello

Abraham "Abe" Costello (born July 11, 1947) is Brunanter film director and screenwriter. Best known for his exploitation movies, he is widely considered the successor to cult cinema icon Herbert S. Hosen. In recent years, however, Costello has moved to more mainstream films.

Life and careerEdit

Costello was born in Chester to Vincenzo Costello, a "soldier" in the Montesini crime family. Costello was introduced to the mob but he hoped to become an actor. He had a minor acting career in the mid 1960s but later felt that acting would not suit him.

Costello worked with minor directors until Hosen chose him as an assistant director in 1970. He began directing films on his own in 1975, when he was selected for Killer Bus II: The Reckless Return. During the 1980's Costello directed various exploitation films, many of which have gained cult following. Some of his top films from this era include Big SisterV for Vengeance and Angela and Clara. In the '90s, Costello turned to horror movies, but without much success. Nevertheless, The Eye is considered a cult classic nowadays.

In early 2000's Costello lend multiple times his voice to the animated series House of Sanity. His most successful film (both critically and commercially) came with History of a Mob Wife in 2004.

Personal lifeEdit

In 1972, Costello married Gertruida Haak, a make-up artist, whom he met while shooting The Last Temptress. They had one daughter (Helena, 1973), but they divorced in 1980. Later on, Costello married the Danish actress Mathilde Norup, who starred in many of his films. With Mathilde, he had a son (Filipo, 1987).


With H.S. HosenEdit

By himselfEdit

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