A Better Brunant
A Better Brunant logo
Chairwoman Avaline Porter
Deputy Maikel Klerks
Founded 2011
Ideology Center left
Spectrum Centre
Brunanter Politics
Predecessor none
Close to CD, SD
Far from CvB, P70
3 / 100
0 / 12
19 / 331
Avaline Porter, Magdalene Klassen, Maikel Klerks

A Better Brunant (Dutch: Een Beter Brunant) is an alternative leftist political party formed in Brunant in 2011. A Better Brunant is led by Avaline Porter, a young politician formerly with the Centre Democrats and the current Minister of Industry and Agriculture.


Blue alt logo

The party's first logo

A Better Brunant was founded in 2011 by members of the Social Democratic Party and Centre Democrats who felt that the center left was not well represented in Brunant. The party was meant to bridge the gap between the well-represented far left and the center and center-right. ABB acquired the mayorship of Middleton in 2013, when formerly Centre Democrat members of the municipal government (and the mayor) joined it upon its dissolution, and the party took a turn to the center. The first mayor for ABB was Isabelle Harrow.

In the 2013 general election, A Better Brunant received around 1.85% of the votes, getting two seats in the House of Representatives. The party's leader, Avaline Porter, was named Minister of Industry and Agriculture.

Support for the party leading up to the 2017 general election has been fairly consistent, greater than the 2 seats the party still has but not by much more. The 2017 Green Party corruption scandal gave ABB a third member of congress, Magdalene Klassen.

Political viewsEdit

  • Progressive taxation should be maintained for income and property, but be kept minimal to help out lower income families
  • Sales and other taxes should be fixed and kept at a low rate
  • Government should introduce legislation to support small business
  • The government should be streamlined in order to be more effective and less costly, though government should still strive to assist those most in need
  • Parties should be encourage to cooperate across the spectrum to achieve goals
  • Brunant should be involved in international organizations so long as they are peaceful
  • The Royal Guard should be completely abolished as threats to Brunant are nonexistant and the costs of an army is exorbitant
  • Brunant should withdraw from SEDEF and the War in Phaluhm Phoueck

Members in CongressEdit

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