Motorway map

A1 route (in red)

The A1 is a principal motorway in Brunant. It traverses Central Island, going from Cape Cross through Koningstad-Dortmund to Sint-Willemstad. It is the only A-leveled motorway on the island. As the principal route in Brunant, vehicles were allowed to drive up to a high speed of 165 kph in certain areas, though slow-moving vehicles were required to use the slow-moving right lane. In 2017, the top speed on the A1 was reduced to 120 kph.

The A1's route has existed since 1949 (then called the Autoway). Between 1968 and 1971, the A1 was built. There was formerly a toll, but it was removed in 1980.

The motorway is 104 km (65 mi) long, making it the longest motorway of Brunant.

Exits and junctionsEdit

Exit/junction Destination
Motorway exit Cape Cross
Motorway exit To Brezonde
Rest area Wiets rest area
Motorway exit Portin/Ravels
Motorway exit Inter District, Koningstad
Motorway exit Koningstad Centrum, Koningstad
Motorway exit Newtown, Koningstad
Motorway exit Koningstad International Airport
Motorway exit Castramont/Belcava/Iban
Motorway exit Niesburg
Motorway junction B2 to Carrington/Roodstad
Motorway exit Acrine/Barnbrook/Cornel
Motorway exit Limes/Henley
Motorway exit Lincoln
Motorway junction B3 to Boguestown/Nieuw Helmond
Rest area Beringen rest area
Motorway exit Kirkenberg/Marken
Motorway exit Loven/Blancart
Motorway exit Martiges
Rest area Alsemberg rest area
Motorway exit Sint-Willemstad
Motorway junction B4 to Donderstad/Nieuw Helmond
B5 to Sint-Hendrikstad