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2009 General Election
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1 November 2009
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100 seats in the House
12 seats in the Senate
50 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Gert Henneman Adrian Vandreck Robert Helms
Last election 22 seats 26 seats 9 seats
Seats before 22 26 9
Seats won 25 23 16
Seat change Increase 3 Decrease 3 Increase 7

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Peter Wostor Eric Peitersson Sofie Menscher
Seats before 12 seats 19 10
Seats won 13 10 8
Seat change Increase 1 Decrease 9 Decrease 2

Prime Minister

Robert Helms

The 2009 general election was the election held in Brunant on 1 November 2009.


Polls had the SDP and the CDU battling it out, and at one point the CDU was leading in seats. After election day the SDP came through with the most votes, around 25 percent. The SDP hastily began negotiating for a coalition with the Greens, CD and the SLP, but the SLP left discussions. On the 3rd of November, an agreement was reached and a government was made with the SDP, GP and the CD. CD leader Robert Helms was selected to be the Prime Minister.


Party Votes (percentage) Senate seats House Seats
Social Democratic Party 24.8% 3 25
Christian Democratic Union 21.5% 3 23
Centre Democrats 16% 2 16
Green Party 13.4% 2 13
Free Liberal Party 10.2% 1 10
Socialist Left Party 7.9% 1 8
Brunant Conservatives 4.1% 0 4
P70-Links 0.6% 0 1