The 2002 Presidential Elections were held in Brunant on 7 October 2002. The outgoing president, Marta Henneman, had served two six-year terms and was unable to stand for a third term. Social Democratic Party candidate Gert Henneman swept to a large majority and became president.


Marta Henneman was elected in 1990 as president and re-elected in 1996. The right was increasingly hopeful that they could end 12 years of a leftist presidency now that Henneman would be unable to run. In a strategic move, the SDP unanimously selected her then-husband, Gert Henneman, as candidate.


Henneman, with the support of his popular wife, was able to sweep into power with close to 51% of the vote. The right wing, while set on defeating him, was unable to unite and saw a fairly even split between the Free Liberal Party and Christian Democratic Union candidates.

Party Candidate Vote Percentage
Gert Henneman (SDP) 51%
FLP Logo
Eric Peitersson (Free Liberal Party) 23%
CDU Logo
Adrian Vandreck (CDU) 19%
Cornelius Dortman (Green Party) 9%

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