The 1996 Presidential Elections were held in Brunant on 7 October 1996. President Marta Henneman stood for re-election, backed by most of the left, and successfully was elected for a second six-year term.


The performance of Henneman during her first term as president garnered her much praise, and her promises of clamping down on smoking and pushing the government for better environmental change and economic development saw her portrayed as someone who would prod congress to be more active.

Many of the leftist parties backed Henneman and did not stand candidates, apart from the Green Party. The right largely decided in turn to back Christian Democratic Union candidate Adrian Vandreck.

Results Edit

Henneman was able to win by a large margin, with the vote seen as a popular referendum in regards to her policies.

Party Candidate Vote Percentage
Marta Henneman (SDP) 57%
CDU Logo
Adrian Vandreck (CDU) 33%
Peter Henderson (GP) 10%

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