Air France at Van Draak

The first stand of Air France at Van Draak International Airport.

The 1974 Brunant aviation crisis was a major crisis that began when Nationale Luchtwegen ended service and ended when Air France was kicked out of Brunant and Brunant Air began service.

This was considered the worst aviation crisis ever. Air France almost lawfully became the flag carrier of Brunant, but in 1975 Air France was kicked out due to anti-monopoly laws.

Nationale Luchtwegen bankruptcy Edit

The company failed because of its massive debt it spent on getting planes. Eventually Nationale Luchtwegen could not save itself from anything and therefore collapsed. Many planes were grounded at Van Draak amidst the chaos. Almost immediately Air France began offering discounted flights for stranded travelers who purchased a Nationale Luchtwegen ticket prior that day.

Air France era Edit

Tough but ready, Air France soon became the monopoly of Brunanter aerospace. Their main business strategy was to advertise "low prices" that were in fact higher than anything else.

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