Brunanter presidential election, 1909
1903 ←
24 October 1909
→ 1915

Turnout 73.7% Increase 2.4%
  S-varne W.b. adams
Nominee Stefanus Varne Walter B. Adams
Party [[Liberal|{{Template: Liberal/meta/shortname}}]] [[White|{{Template: White/meta/shortname}}]]
States carried 7 5
Popular vote 114,604 108,679
Percentage 50.12% 47.53%

President before election

Walter B. Adams
[[White|{{Template: White/meta/shortname}}]]

Elected President

Stefanus Varne
[[Liberal|{{Template: Liberal/meta/shortname}}]]

The Presidential elections held in 1909.

Results Edit

Party Candidate Vote Percentage
Stefanus Varne (Liberal Party) 52%
Walter B. Adams (White Party) 48%

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